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  1. What does the block palette do? ____________________________________________

  2. How do you create a new project? ____________________________________________

  3. How do you delete something (a sprite, or a control block)? _________________________

  4. How do you test what a control block does? _____________________________________

  5. How do you stop a forever block? ____________________________________________

  6. Where would you find the "if on edge, bounce" block?_____________________________

  7. Which block is used to make the animation start when the green flag is clicked? ________________________

  8. What was required to make the dog look like it was walking? ___________________________________

  9. How do you import a new sound for a sprite? ___________________________________________

  10. How do you resize a sprite? _______________________________________

  11. Where would you find a "next costume" block? ___________________________________________

  12. Where would you find the "say 'hello' for 2 seconds" block? ____________________________

  13. Why do you think some blocks have curved tops, and some do not? ____________________________________