Project 5 Writeup

In this project you will use various images and Macromedia Fireworks, to make a digitally modified image of yourself. In the end, the class will vote to select the most interesting images.

You can do any sort of image manipulations you'd like (some listed in Lab 5), but you should at least do the following:

Professor Vander Linden has his own example that he built by importing images into Fireworks and modifying them using various filters. He's also collected other examples from some previous sections of FIT.

You do not need to shrink this image (as you did in Lab 5). While you do not have to use the JPEG format, it's a better format to use since you're working with photographic images.

As with Lab 5, though we may only support Fireworks in our labs, you may feel free to use any other image manipulation package to which you have access (e.g., Photoshop).

When your modified image is ready, do the following things for this project:

Submitting Your Working

There are three things you have to do for this project: