Project 3 Writeup

There are two parts to this project.

A Simple Payroll table

For this part, you will produce a simple payroll table that computes salaries for employees based on an hourly wage, regular hours and time-and-a-half for overtime. You'll also handle taxes and sort the results.

Start by downloading this raw payroll data and saving it on your F: drive. Then, modify the spreadsheet so that it looks something like this sample solution sheet. (Data may be somewhat different from those in your solution.) Remember to use formulas/functions as appropriate.

This project includes predefined function calls that were not covered in class or in the lab. You can find a full list of Excel functions by choosing "Insert"-"Function". This gives you a list of potential functions along with a simple description of each.

Thinking about Projects 6 and 7

For this part, use MS Word to write a paragraph describing a potential topic for the last two projects (Projects 6 and 7). The overall task for these projects is to put a research paper or essay up on the Web as HTML pages.

You will find a detailed specification for these projects on their writeup pages, but in short, you may choose to write either on a IT topic of your choice, or on a topic relevant to one of your other courses. You can even use a paper you've already written for another class!

You are free to change your topic at a later date if you'd like to, but it's probably best to select one now and start thinking about it.


Submit your completed spreadsheet and your Word document as attachments to Project 3 in KnightVision.