Project 1 Writeup

There are two parts to this project.

A Short Auto-Biography

For this part of the project, use Word to write a mini-autobiography for yourself that provides the following information:

Your information won't be shared with anyone else.

Format your mini-autobiography so that it looks something like this: proj1-mini-autobiography.pdf, and then save it on your F: drive.

Submit the assignment twice:

An IT Survey

As the second part of this project, take the self-assessment survey in the Project 1 folder in KnightVision. It is an anonymous survey intended to measure how comfortable you feel with common IT tools.

The survey is anonymous. The only information about you that we get from KnightVision is whether or not you took the survey.

Project 1 Checklist

  1. Submit your autobiography through KnightVision as Project 1.
  2. Email your autobiography as an attachment to your instructor.
  3. Take the IT Survey.