Lab 3 Writeup

Be lazy—IT people make the computer do the work because IT work is too hard to do manually.

In this lab exercise, we'll work with spreadsheet formulas, functions and relative/absolute addresses using Microsoft Excel.

To begin, download this sample Excel workbook onto your F: drive in your FIT folder. The workbook includes two worksheets named "amortization" and "grading" (see the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the page).

A Grade Book

In this exercise, produce a gradebook worksheet that looks like this sample gradebook. Start by studying this sample. Make sure you think about where you're going before you do anything else. When you're ready:

Be sure to save your modified workbook on your F: drive.

A Challenge: The Amortization Table

If you have extra time and would like to get some extra credit for this lab, try to solve the following challenge.

You'll produce an amortization table that looks like this sample amortization table. Start by filling out the amortization worksheet (on the 2nd worksheet of the sample spreadsheet you downloaded above) as follows:

When you've entered all of these formulas and functions, make sure that you've used absolute and relative references in the correct places, and then select all of row 1 and drag the row down using the fill handle. The resulting amortization table should look like the sample given above.

Now, use your sheet to compute estimated payments for some major capital item that you might buy (e.g., an expensive car from DPFox here in Grand Rapids or a cheaper used car from Assume a 7% interest rate and then choose a balance and term that would work for you. Include your name, course section and the nature of the item you're working with somewhere on your worksheet and then save it so you an submit it later.

Getting More Help

If you are new to Excel or would like more help with it, you can make use of any of the following resources:

Submitting your Work

Submit your modified gradebook spreadsheet in KnightVision as an attachment to Lab 3. If you did the extra credit, say so in the comments section of your KV submission.