Most of your work out of class involves being introduced to material via a reading and/or video. Reading guides are available to help ensure you are learning the most relevant material from these assignments. However, I also want you to be *thinking* about what you are learning. So, for 5 of the reading/watching assignments (your choice!) you are to complete a reflection.

Reflections should be completed via Moodle. There will be 5 reflection assignments. The necessary components of a reflection will be listed in Moodle, and are repeated here for your convenience:

  1. What was the title of the reading/video? (If there is more than one assignment for the day, list each.)
  2. List three keys points from the reading/video.
  3. What did you find most interesting about the reading/video?
  4. What was one thing you learned?
  5. If your reading/video was technical in nature, what do you think will be the most likely detail to trip you up?
  6. If your reading/video was non-technical, how do you think a reformed perspective influences your understanding of the material covered?