For this project, recommend some sort of computer that would be appropriate for a younger sibling (real or imagined). Identify the needs such a person would have with respect to the features of computer anatomy that we've covered in class, and then select and configure an appropriate computer. Be very specific about your person's needs: do they need to be mobile? do they process a lot of pictures? do they collect a lot of music? do they use chat a lot?

You'll find some good systems at Dell, HP, and Apple.

Be sure to consider the possibility of a laptop or even a mobile computer (e.g., a Blackberry, Treo/Palm, iPod Touch, iPhone). If you believe that such a person doesn't really need a computer, then explain why and describe, instead, some other machine that they might be able to use.

Write up your recommendation in the form of a personal letter, formatted as a Microsoft Word document. Be sure that it is well written and appropriately formatted and that it includes the following features:

Use the following Project 2 sample solution (courtesy of Prof. Vander Linden) as a guide. This sample is addressed to an unusual prospective student; you should tailor the content to your audience.

Your letter should be 1 or 2 pages (about one page for your explanation and another page for the specifications and the picture). Make the document look appealing, we will grade you on the presentation as well as the content. Be sure your letter meets the following format specifications:

Submit your document through Moodle.