IDIS 110: Major Project
100 points

The major project for IDIS 110 is an opportunity for you to apply what you've learned about research and IT to an interesting question. You will identify an interesting topic, research the topic and develop a multi-page website that presents your results. This page gives the details on the various aspects of this project.

Research Requirements

You must research whatever topic you choose and produce an annotated bibliography of the materials that you use to develop your website. The nature of the resources you use will, of course, depend upon the topic you choose, but your final website must include a complete annotated bibliography of the sort that we discussed during the research section of the course.

Technical Requirements

Rather than presenting your material using the standard mode, you will build a multiple-page, hyper-linked website instead. This gives you more flexibility in how you format and tailor your presentation, but raises some interesting questions as to how best to present your material. Use Dreamweaver, or some other web development tool, to develop a website that has the following features:

Note that your target audience will be the Calvin academic community. All web features (e.g., backgrounds, graphics, colors, fonts, media) should enhance and support the your content, and should be laid out on the pages appropriately. It is usually best to avoid using text in all capitals and light colored text on dark backgrounds, both of which tend to be hard to read on line.

Note also that even if you are linking this IDIS 110 project with a standard written paper in one of your other courses, you'll still need to produce a website version of your material for IDIS 110.

If you would like to modify the presentation expectations given here for your project, please let me know in advance.


For this IDIS 110 project, we'll focus heavily on the quality of the research you do and on the quality of your presentation. Content will, of course, count as well, but the scales will be tipped in favor of your ability to deploy research and information technology in an appropriate manner.

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