This schedule is subject to change. Note that we don’t meet every week.

Date Description Notes
September 6 Introduction to the Computing Seminar
Keith VanderLinden
3:30pm, SB 010
This event is tailored for first-year CS 195 students.
September 13 Summer Internship/Research Lightning Talks
Student Interns and Research Assistants
3:30pm, SB 010
September ?? Social Event
November ??
Engineering & Computer Science Job Fair
2:00–5:00pm, Prince Conference Center
This event is tailored for CS 295, but CS 195 is invited as well.
Note the modified time & venue.
Dress nicely and bring copies of your résumé.
There will be no orange sheets for this event; be sure to sign in and out at the front desk.
November ?? Social Event
December ?? Senior Project Progress Reports
Senior project teams
3:30pm, SB 010