This schedule is subject to change. Note that we don’t meet every week.

Date Description Notes
September 6 Introduction to the Computing Seminar
Keith VanderLinden
3:30pm, SB 010
This event is tailored for first-year CS 195 students.
September 13 Summer Internship/Research Lightning Talks
Student Interns and Research Assistants
3:30pm, SB 010
September 20 The Hero’s and Heroine’s Journeys: Men and Women in Tech
Nora Bouchard
3:30pm, SB 010
The tech work environment continues to change. Not only is there a huge talent gap looming, but the tech workforce continues to grow into one of the most diverse on the planet. This session explores how the tech industry is challenged to become even more diverse through the equal hiring, development and promotion of men and women. This may mean challenges for you too. Through the use of the Hero and Heroine archetypes, you'll see how capitalizing on the strengths of both men and women will be an advantage to you and your career.
September 21 Coding in the Wild
6:00-8:00pm, NH 253
Note the change of time and venue.
This session consists of a tech talk with Q&A given over Google Hangouts.
The focus is on skills you should learn during your first four years at college, how
to take your skills to the industry, the roles Google hires for (including internships)
and some tips on how to prepare for interviews.
Sign up here:
September 22 Using Data and Statistics in Journalism
John Muyskens, The Washington Post
3:30-4:30pm, NH 078
Note the change of time and venue.
This is a Mathematics & Statistics seminar on a computational subject.
September 26 Spectrum Health Networking Event
Spectrum Health, Downtown
Note the change of time and venue.

Open to all class levels and majors – the only requirement is an interest in technology and an openness to a career in healthcare IT. To register for the event:

  1. E-mail your resume to Meredith Segur in the Career Center (
  2. Register online by Sept. 21 at

Students from several Michigan colleges (Alma, Albion, Calvin, Hope, Spring Arbor, Aquinas, etc.) are invited to this event, and space is limited – so be sure to register early!

September 27 Amway Networking Event
Amway Headquarters
Note the change of time and venue.
This is a general Calvin-Amway event open to sophomores-seniors in any major. Contact Professor Bailey if you’d like to get a ride to and from the event.
September 30 Movie night
CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap
7:00-9:30pm, Bytwerk Theatre
Note the change of time and venue. Also, we ask that you register in advance.
This movie discusses the relative lack of women and minorities in the computing field,
and will be followed by a panel discussion with women who work in the local tech industry.
The event is sponsored by MCWT & Mutually Human.
October 11 Your Order Has Shipped
Jay Keller, David Tufts, Brett Fitzgerald, ODB
3:30pm, SB 010
In today’s world, most people want to know what is going on with their order the moment they placed it on a web-site. It is not always easy to integrate the “old-fashioned” business applications to “talk” to the front/end. How does a company like Our Daily Bread overcome these challenges?
October 13 Combinatorial Pair Testing: Distinguishing Workers from Slackers
Michael T. Goodrich, UC Irvine
3:30pm, SB 110
Note the change of time and venue; this is a Mathematics & Statistics seminar on a computational subject.
Abstract: We formalize a problem we call combinatorial pair testing (CPT), which has applications to the identication of uncooperative or unproductive participants in pair programming, massively distributed computing, and crowdsourcing environments. We give adaptive and nonadaptive CPT algorithms and we show that our methods use an optimal number of testing rounds to within constant factors. We also provide an empirical evaluation of some of our methods.
October 18 Vector Semantics: From words to word2vec
Steven DeRose
3:30pm, SB 010
October 22 The Atomic Games
Atomic Object
This is a programming contest for teams from different
schools sponsored by Atomic Object. There are cash prizes.
For details and the application form, see: The 2016 Atomic Games.
October 26 Hands-On, Cybersecurity/Hacking Tutorial
Matthew Carpenter, Grimm
6–10pm, Hoogenboom 280
Note the change of time and venue.
This is a four-hour, hands-on seminar, so bring your laptops and prepare to stay for the full workshop.
Please register in advance at EventBrite.
November 10 Engineering & Computer Science Job Fair
2:00–5:00pm, Prince Conference Center
This event is tailored for CS 295, but CS 195 is invited as well.
Note the modified time & venue.
For a list of companies, see the engcompfairfall2016.xlsx. Dress nicely and bring copies of your resume.
There will be no orange sheets for this event; be sure to sign in & out at the front desk.
November 29 Social Event
Pizza & Legos
3:30pm, Commons Lecture Hall
Note the change of venue.
December 6 Senior Project Progress Reports
Senior project teams
3:30pm, SB 010