The seminar series is a pass/fail course. To receive credit for a semester of CSX95, you must accumulate six points during the semester. Unless otherwise noted, attending any of the seminars listed on the schedule is worth one point. To get the credit, you must attend the seminar and submit an attendance form in person at the end. We generally do not give points for attending events required by other courses.

If you cannot attend a sufficient number of the seminars at the regularly scheduled times, you can complete the following alternates to earn more points:

For either of these options, you must submit the required report in Moodle (under “Reports”). We generally do not accept more than three reports for events not listed on the seminar schedule. Talk to us if there are extenuating circumstances.

The attendance is stored in Moodle Gradebook. Be sure to check this gradebook regularly to ensure that you’re getting credit for the seminars you attend. As with all bureaucracies, grading will be based not on the seminars you actually attended nor on the seminars you remember attending, but solely on the seminars the grading database records for you.


Calvin will make reasonable accommodations for you if you have documented disabilities. Notify the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities located in the Student Academic Services, HH-455, and also notify us within the first two weeks of class.


We will give an incomplete grade (I) only in unusual circumstances, and only if those circumstances have been confirmed by the Student Life office.