Faculty Mentor:   All senior projects must have a faculty mentor from the Department of Computer Science. Interested students should make arrangements with an mentor during the Spring semester of their Junior year and should plan to meet regularly with this mentor throughout their senior year. For more details, see the mentor page.

Registration:   Students electing to take the senior project should register for CS 396 for the fall semester of their senior year, and for CS 398 for the spring semester of their senior year. Students must choose a faculty mentor before registering; the mentor will arrange the registration with the registrar's office.

Honors Projects:   Completing an honors senior project is just one step (albeit a very important step) in graduating with honors in computer science. A senior project done for honors must be significantly more challenging than a non-honors senior project (as judged by the student's mentor and the department). Generally speaking, an honors project should have sufficent research content to make it publishable in some public forum outside Calvin. A student completing a senior project for honors must make a public presentation the results of the project (e.g., a department colloquium). Indicate clearly on the cover sheet that the project is being done for honors.

Schedule:   During the fall semester, the student should typically focus on any necessary library research, design and prototyping. During the spring semester, they can move to implementation and writing. See the course schedule for more scheduling details.

Team Projects:   The department will consider either individual projects or team projects. It will also consider supporting computing student members on Engineering senior design project teams (see ENGR 339/340).

Grading:   The faculty mentor will assign grades for both semesters of the project according to the following rubric:

See the course schedule for more details on the course deliverables and deadlines.

Disabilities:   Calvin will make reasonable accommodations for you if you have documented disabilities. Notify the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities located in the Student Academic Services, HH-455, and also notify me within the first two weeks of class.

Incompletes:  We will give an incomplete grade (I) only in unusual circumstances, and only if those circumstances have been confirmed by the Student Life office.