Projects must create and maintain a project website. These projects are hosted on the site. Each team will have access to a WordPress website to create and manage their website. Note that the website will be hosted/maintained on this site after graduation for promotional purposes.

Website content

The project website must contain:

Connecting to your WordPress site

Your hosted website can be found at the following url: Where XX-XX is the current academic year and YY is your 2-digit team number

Your WordPress site will initially have two admin user accounts. We will provide each team with a username and password. There will also be another user account on your site that will be used by the engineering department to manage your website in the future; please do not delete this account.

In order to Log onto your website, click on the Logon link on the front page of your default website. If you remove all the links (widgets) etc from your front page then you need to go to the following url (add the /wp-admin part to the url, i.e.,

Basic website development

Initially WordPress is set up to be a blogging site, but it can be easily changed to a more traditional static website (see, e.g., this video).

Images and files — For the purpose of making your website easier to manage in the future years and to reduce the possibility of getting broken links, we would like you to upload all images and documents that you use to the Media Library of your WordPress site. Note that if you use images that are not your own, you must credit the original site.

Plugins and Themes — You should be able to create and manage your website using only the default themes and plugins that are preinstalled on your WordPress site. However, there are many options available on the internet for different themes and plug-ins.

Contact Info — Please provide information for every member in your team. A high-quality photo and possibly a short bio or link to your resume would be good. Do not post your Calvin email address since it will be obsolete within a few months after you graduate.