Date Topic Assignments
Feb. 2, 4

Ethical and legal issues.


Ethical theories

Tue: Introduction

Thu: Ethical Theories

Cyberethics chapter 1.

[Study questions]

Feb. 9, 11 ACM Code of Ethics

Tue: ACM Code of Ethics

ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

[Study questions]

Thu: ACM Code of Ethics

Feb. 16, 18 Intellectual property law. Copyright and fair use

Tue: Ethical olympics

["Critique" 3 guidelines]

Thu: IP intro. Copyright

Cyberethics, pp. 103-116
Copyright basics, facts

[Study questions]

Feb. 23, 25 Fair use, DRM, and the DMCA

Tue: Fair use, DRM, and the loss of consumer rights

Pamela Samuelson, Digital Rights Management {and, or, vs.} the Law

Pamela Samuelson, Toward a New Politics of Intellectual Property

[Study questions]


Cyberethics, pp. 116-129, 146-148 (Grokster)

Wikipedia, The Digital Millenium Copyright Act

[Study questions]

Mar. 1, 3 Patents [local]

Tue: Patents

Wired (Simson Garfinkel), Patently Absurd

Are Software Patents Evil? (Paul Graham)

[Study questions]

Thu: Patents

Thu: Vanity Fair, The great smartphone war

[Study questions]

Mar. 8, 10 Privacy and the Internet

Why Privacy Matters [TED]

Tue: Privacy

Cyberethics, pp. 182-188 (Doubleclick, Facebook)

NY Times, How companies learn your secrets

[Study questions]

Thu: Privacy

Cyberethics, pp. 153-176

Breaking down Apple's iPhone fight with the US government

Reuters: Government rift on encryption

See the first few comments on this Washington Post article

[Study questions]

Term Paper: tentative topic due

Mar. 22, 24 Ethics of data collection

Tue: Fair information practices

Code of Fair Information Practices

California's Web site privacy policy law

[Study questions]

Thu: Fair information practices

Mar. 29, 31 Midterm test
Thu: CS Major Field Test

Tue: Test (Essay and factual questions about ethical theories, the ACM code of ethics, and intellectual property law.)

Thu:CS Major Field Test
(2 hours 6:30pm-9:30pm in the ulab, no class at 10:30am)

Apr. 5, 7 Social issues
Artificial Intelligence
Chalmers. Dilbert.

Tue: AI worldviews

Hans Moravec, Dualism Through Reductionism

[Study questions]

Thu: AI worldviews, cont.

Time, 2045: The Year man Becomes Immortal

[Study Questions]

Apr. 12, 14 Transhumanism
Enriquez, Ted Talk.

Tue: Fixed

Thu: Transhumanism

Christopher Hook (Christianity Today), The Techno Sapiens Are Coming

[Study questions]

Apr. 19, 21 Perfection
Technology and cognition

Tue: Perfection

Michael Sandel, The case against perfection [Alternate link]

[Study questions]

Thu: Technology and cognition

Nicholas Carr, Is Google Making Us Stupid?

[Study questions]

Apr. 28 Technology and education

Thu: Technology and education

Sara Corbett, NY Times, Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom

[Study questions]

May 3, 5 Technology and the military
TDC video

What's next

Tue: Technology and the military

Steve Featherstone, Harper's Magazine: The Coming Robot Army

Cornelia Dean, NY Times: A Soldier, Taking Orders From Its Ethical Judgment Center

[Study questions]

Thu: How will you measure your life?

[Study questions]  

May 10 Conclusion

Tue: Presentations + wrap-up

May 17, 1:30 pm [Final exam slot] Presentations

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