HPC Final Project Guidelines


Your final project is to investigate and report on some aspect of high performance computing beyond what was covered in this course. This could involve exploring a completely new topic, or delving deeper into a topic we have already covered.

Typical projects will involve exploring some aspect of parallel / high performance computing, such as:

As the course progresses, be thinking about what you want to do for your project. You should sign up and indicate what you intend to do on this Google Doc page , so that we don't have different people/groups doing the same thing.


Each project must (minimally) have
  1. Some research aspect (i.e., investigation of something not covered in class),
  2. A written report that details the results of your research (double-spaced, 12pt Times Roman font, 5 page minimum), and
  3. A 10-minute oral presentation before the class (supplemented by Powerpoint or similar visuals).
If your project involves writing software, your source code should be included with your written report as an appendix.

You may work either individually or in teams of two, as you prefer. For teams of two, the project requirements are correspondingly doubled (i.e., 10 page report, 20-minute presentation, both people must present).

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