CPSC 352 -- Interactive Computer Graphics

Course Policies

Meeting times: MWF 10:30am, SB 382

Professor: Harry Plantinga, NH299, x66860

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2:30 or by appointment

Prerequisites: Good programming ability. (We'll use JavaScript for the most part.) CS 212. Practical use of basic linear algebra including vectors, matrices, dot and cross products, etc.


Projects: Most of the projects will involve writing programs in JavaScript and WebGL, but some will involve other activites such as generating images using a ray-tracer or modeling an object using a 3-D modeling program.

Written Homework: There may also be some written homework assigned from the textbook, to reinfoce certain concepts.

Submitting Programs: You will be asked to submit your programs electronically. This may involve making them available on a Web page. In addition, you will turn in a grading sheet on the due date.

Tests: There will be two midterm tests and a final exam. These will be written, and the final will be cumulative.

Grading: Projects and written homework will count for 60% of the final grade. The tests will be worth 12%, 12%, and 16%.

Late Policy: It is important to keep up in this course; in my experience students who get significantly behind usually have a difficult time catching up. The purpose of the late policy is to help motivate you to keep up. Late programs and labs will be penalized 5 percent per class day unless there is a good reason -- which you should discuss with the professor in advance.

Incompletes: Incomplete grades will not be given except for strong extenuating circumstances, such as significant illness or a death in the family.