Videos: CS 214: Programming Language Concepts at Calvin University

Video Recordings of Lectures, Spring 2020 (COVID-19 Edition):

Week Video/Topic
1 a. CS 214 Course Introduction
2 a. BNFs, Part I
b. BNFs, Part II
3 a. Control Structures, Part I
b. Control Structures, Part II
4 a. Types, Part Ia
b. Types, Part Ib
5 Test 1
6 a. Subprograms
b. Parameter Passing Mechanisms
7 a. Identifier Scope
b. Test 1 Review
8 a. Types, Part IIa
b. Types, Part IIb
9 a. Encapsulation, Part I
b. Encapsulation, Part II
10 a. OOP, Part I: C++
b. OOP, Part II: Java
c. OOP, Part III: Ada
d. OOP, Part IV: Smalltalk
11 a. Concurrency, Part I: Introduction
b. Concurrency, Part II: Shared-Memory Mechanisms
12 a. Concurrency, Part III: Distributed-Memory Mechanisms
b. Concurrency, Part IV: MPI
13 a. Formal Languages and Automata

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