CPSC 212 -- Data Structures and Algorithms

Course Information

Course: Data Structures and Algorithms (CS 212)

Prerequisites: CPSC 112. Math 251, which may be taken concurrently, is recommended.


Instructor: Harry Plantinga

Office Hours: M 2:30, W 12:30, F 1:30, or by appointment. Or just stop in and see if I'm available.

Written homework: There will be several written assignments from the text, approximately one set per week. These problem sets will be turned in and graded.

Programs: There will be 4-5 programming projects in C#.net. One of these will involve AI-style game playing. Others will involve implementing or using data structures and algorithms we study. You will be asked to submit a program information sheet, source code including a makefile that compiles the program, and a typescript of execution where applicable.

Tests: There will be two midterm and a final exam, all in class. The final will be cumulative.

Grading: The written homework will constitute 10% of the grade. Programs will be 40% total, midterms 15% each, and final, 20%.

Late Policy: 5-50% late penalty, depending on how late the assignment or program is. Programs and assignments turned in after the others have been turned back for the rest of the class may not be accepted.

Incompletes: Incomplete grades will not be given except for strong extenuating circumstances, such as significant illness or a death in the family.

Collaboration: You may discuss homework and programs with your fellow students -- but your work and your programs must be your own. Copying someone else's answer or program directly is not allowed. If you look at and copy someone else's code while typing your own program, you are cheating. Program you submit will be uploaded to an online resource to identify copying.

Attendance is required. I will occasionally take attendance; I also sometimes notice someone is absent even if I haven't taken attendance. I will report excessive absences to the student life office.

Tests are to be taken at the assigned time. If you have a good reason for needing a change of time, you must talk to me in advance of the scheduled test time.

Accommodations Calvin will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should notify the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities located in the Student Academic Services, HH 455. Students should notify their instructors within the first two weeks of class.