Course Policies: CS 112: Intro. to Data Structures at Calvin College

CS 112 uses the C++ programming language to introduce students to the elementary data structures (vectors, lists, stacks, queues, binary search trees, ...), recursion, big-oh notation, and other intermediate-level programming topics.

Instructor: Professor Joel Adams

Course Text: For sale in the bookstore...

Grading.Your grade in this course will be based on the total number of points you earn on: two exams (midterm and final), laboratory exercises, and homework/programming projects. These will be weighted at 50%, 20%, and 30% respectively.

Course Organization. The course is organized around these components:

  1. The lectures that will introduce data structures topics at the conceptual level;
  2. The labs in which students will (in pairs) practice using and building data structures; and
  3. The projects in which students will (individually) practice using and building data structures.
Each week's lectures, labs and projects will cover the same concepts, but will do so in different ways.

Other Policies: Please see my General Course Policies page for policies that all of my courses have in common.

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