One way to implement the assignment operation is using the following steps:
  1. If original and I are two distinct lists (Note: use & and this, as we've done previously):
    1. Deallocate my chain of nodes.
    2. Set myFirst and myLast to NULL.
    3. Set mySize to zero.
    4. Declare nPtr containing the address of original's first node.
    5. While nPtr is pointing at something:
      1. Append (to me) a copy of the item in the node to which nPtr is pointing.
      2. Advance nPtr to the next node.
  2. Return myself.
Note that the logic in steps 1.b, 1.c, 1.d, and 1.e is identical to that of the copy constructor. The other steps (1, 1.a, and 2) reflect the differences between the assignment operation and the copy constructor operation.

Rather than copy-and-paste the copy constructor's logic into your assignment operator (propagating any logic errors it might contain), consider highlighting the body of the copy constructor and then using Eclipse's Refactor > Extract function mechanism to extract the body of the copy constructor into a method named makeCopyOf(). Eclipse will replace the body of the copy constructor with a call to that method, and you can invoke that method in your assignment operator to perform steps 1.b, 1.c, 1.d, and 1.e.