This page explains how best to prepare yourself and your computational environment for CS 108.

Preparing for the course

CS 108 does not assume that you have any programming experience, but it does assume a background in basic mathematics. Contact us if you have any questions about your preparedness for this course.

Setting up your computer

The labs in SB 354 are pre-configured to support this course. To configure your own machine, configure the following tools.

To configure Eclipse for Python development, you need to add the PyDev plug-in:

  1. Choose Help→Eclipse Marketplace...
  2. Type “PyDev” in the search bar and then click Go.
  3. Find “PyDev - Python IDE for Eclipse 4.0.0” in the result list and click Install.
  4. Follow the prompts for your system to complete installation.

Once PyDev is installed, follow the instructions from the Eclipse Introduction to create a project for the course.

Post to the forum or email us if you have any problems configuring your system.