Course Policies: CS 106: Intro. to Scientific Computing and Modeling at Calvin College

CS-106 uses the python programming language to introduce students to computer programming, especially how it can be used in other scientific disciplines.

You will need a laptop and will need to have it with you every day in class. The laptop may be Windows, Linux or a Mac. You must be able to install

We will do these installations during the lab in the first week.

I highly recommend that you find a way to backup your PC weekly. If there are 30 people in the class, it is highly likely that at least one person's laptop's hard drive will crash during the semester. If you have not backed up your documents, you could lose everything (backing up is a good habit to maintain).

Attendance: attendance is optional. However, you will do poorly if you skip class regularly (this has been proven time and time again).  If you will miss class due to illness or some other legitimate reason, you must inform me before class that you will miss class that day. Also, class attendance is factored in to the Class Investment grade.

Some things to note: