CS 106 Introduction to Scientific Computing and Modeling

Invitation: Welcome to CS106, Introduction to Scientific Computing and Modeling, at Calvin College. CS106 uses the python programming language to introduce students to computer programming, especially how it can be used in other scientific disciplines. In this class, I invite you to learn how to program a computer using the Python programming language. Computer programming requires careful thought and a great attention to detail, but can be an exciting, creative, rewarding task. Even if you never do programming again, learning the process of breaking a problem down into programmable lines of code is a useful activity that will help you do problem solving in other domains. I have designed this course to be interactive and engaging in every way possible. I have pulled assignments from the areas of mathematics, biology, and physics. I will serve as your guide, coach, and encourager as we tackle learning computer programming togther.

The syllabus for CS106 is available here.

Instructor: Dr. Derek Schuurman

Course Text: Bradley N. Miller and David L. Ranum, Python Programming In Context, 2nd Edition, Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2014.
(Note: you will not need the access code for the book. However, if your book does come with an unused access code, you may choose to use it to access online materials for extra practice).

Course Outcomes: Students successfully completing this course will demonstrate that they can:

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