The Calvin College Emulab Project

An Emulab Approach to Douglas E. Comer's Hands-On Networking with Internet Technologies

One of the most challenging tasks involved in this project has been developing an Emulab approach to the experiments in Part IV of Douglas Comer's Hands-On Networking book. These experiments were designed for a "Dedicated Intranet Lab", and it has been very interesting to see which of them could be done on our Emulab. If you do not have a dedicated lab, you can still do many of the experiments. For a table with links to the experiments given by chapter and experiment number, see the writeup on Chapter 14 of the website accompanying the book.

Here is the same table with links given by topics:

An Emulation Gateway A Routing Exercise Configuring IP Addresses
Assigning fixed-length IP subnet addresses Configure An Apache Web Server Configure A Squid Cache
Configuring A Web Load Balancer Using netstat to examine a routing table Using SNMP to probe a routing table
Configure and run RIP software Configure and run OSPF software Configure a DNS server
Install and configure a NAT box Install and configure a VPN