Working professionals are invited to spend a day talking with students about skills, craft and faith at Calvin College’s Computer Science Dynamic Link mini-conference on Saturday May 9th, 2015 in the Devos Communications Center at Calvin College.  Check in is at 10:00AM.


What is Dynamic Link: Dynamic Link invites working professionals in the information technology field to spend a day with students about to embark on their careers in an atmosphere that celebrates the Christian perspective. Each year, the conference focuses on a specific topic related to software development. This year’s theme is Faith, Career and Family. A full overview of the previous conference can be found at Dynamic Link 2013.


This year’s mini-conference starts with keynotes by Calvin Information Systems Alums Debbi Overweg and Jeff Andersen.  All participants then will join together in an open discussion to examine and share opinions about the topic.  The day concludes as the groups join in a session to summarize the discussions.



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This Year’s Keynotes

Debbi Overweg

Jeff Andersen

Debbi Overweg is a Product Data Analyst at Steelcase, a furniture manufacturer headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI but with operations around the globe. At Steelcase, Debbi is involved with global project initiatives for shared modelling standards, sales database structure and loading for new product, as well as buddying with team members for training as they learn the new models. When not at work, Debbi spends her time with her husband, Jeff, and their 1 year old daughter, Gwendolyn. She also fills any spare moments with knitting and reading. Debbi is a 2009 graduate of Calvin College with a degree in Information System and a minor in Business.

Jeff Andersen is a Senior Applications Engineer at Steelcase, a furniture manufacturer headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI but with operations around the globe. At Steelcase, Jeff is a developer and project manager for global applications within the IT Procurement area.  Jeff also spends his time at Steelcase recruiting and co-leading the IT internship program.  Outside of work, Jeff spends his time with his wife, Marissa, and their 1 1/2 year old son, Caden.  They have another child on the way due in April.  Jeff also enjoys working on DIY projects around the house when he's not attending Calvin basketball games as his wife is the Women's Varsity Assistant coach.  Jeff is a 2009 graduate of Calvin College with a degree in Information Systems.



This Year’s Discussion Groups


After the keynote talk, invited participants will enjoy a lunch with students and working professionals in a breakout session.  The session includes a presentation where students advocate either a public or corporate policy, follwed by an open discussion on the topic.  This year’s dicussion groups and topic descriptions are below.


Discussion Group Topic

Abstract of Discussion Topic

Guiding the Use of Technology and Communication

Student Leader: Alex Hoekstra

The availability of technology does not enhance communication, people’s attitudes towards working together do.  Schools need to address proper use of technology through education.  This would be aimed at familiarizing students with technology to avoid computer anxiety and encourage working together with technology as a communication tool. We need to better prepare our educators to be able to competently use new communication technologies. Companies need to have communication policies that govern quality and timeliness of responses.



Should Rights be Advocated for Artificial intelligence?

Student Leader: Naomi Hamilton

With the progression of Artificial Intelligence on the rise, our discussion group would like to foster thoughts both for and against Artificial Intelligence. Our discussion group has developed a set of guidelines/rights that we think Artificial Intelligence should be entitled to and we would like you to join us in discussing these rights.  Upon leaving, as a team we would hope that you have a better understanding of artificial intelligence and hope your thoughts wrestle with this topic.


Conference Schedule


Check In

10:00 – 10:30 AM


10:30 – 11:45 AM

Focus Groups with Lunch

12:00 – 1:40 PM

Closing and Photos

1:40 – 2:00 PM