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Shaping a Digital World is suitable as a textbook for capstone courses in computer science, information technology, and computer/electrical engineering which deal with perspectival issues in the discipline.

This book has been used at Calvin College, Dordt College, Bethel University, The King's University, and other schools as a text for capstone CS and engineering courses. These courses make use of the book to help provide a biblical framework for approaching issues in the discipline. Other resources are consulted alongside the book to provide further background on specific issues such as intellectual property, privacy, ethics, freedom of speech, artificial intelligence, automation, as well as computer crimes, risks and failures. Some references that provide further information on issues like these include books such as A Gift of Fire and Blown to Bits.

Here are some resources for instructors using the book which may be helpful:

The following are some sample syllabi of "perspectival" captsone courses (some of which make use of this book). These syllabi are being shared to provide examples of ideas and approaches that have been used for capstone courses in CS and engineering at Christian colleges.

Some films/videos that could be used for class discussions:

How do these videos demonstrate how technology has a bias or is value-laden? What do these videos say (explicitly or implicitly) about what it means to be human? What creational norms might apply? How do these videos speak to creation, fall and being agents of shalom in the world? What do these say about our hope (or despair) about the future?

Finally, how does an instructor actually connect faith and computer technology in the classroom? Here is a paper entitled "Approaches to Christian Education: From Elusive Towards a Larger and Deeper Approach" which explores different approaches using examples taken from the field of computer science.