Shaping a Digital World

Faith, Culture and Computer Technology

Book cover

Shaping a Digital World is a recent book dedicated to exploring the implications of faith in the area of computer technology. The book was written by Derek Schuurman, professor of computer science at Calvin University, and published by InterVarsity Academic Press The book is also available in Portuguese under the title Moldando um Mundo Digital.

The book opens by posing the following question:

Does the ancient Christian faith still have anything to say to a fast-paced modern world shaped by such technology? Tertullian, a father of early Christian literature, once posed the question, “What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?” When it comes to computer technology, we might well ask, “What does Silicon Valley have to do with Jerusalem?” In a nutshell: what do bytes have to do with Christian beliefs?
Shaping a Digital World, p. 11.

The following links provide additional resources for use with the book and as well as further resources related to the general topic of faith and computer technology.