Chapter 6: Social and Ethical Issues

The concepts and ideas with which you should be familiar are included in the chapter 6 checklist. Print out the checklist to use as a study/notes guide while working through the chapter.

[T]he values that systems and devices embody are not simply a function of their objective shapes. We must also study the complex interplay between the system or device, those how built it, what they had in mind, its conditions of use, and the natural, cultural, social, and political context in which it is embedded—for all these factors may feature in an account of the values embodied in it.

Helen Nissenbaum, "How Computer Systems Embody Values," Computer 34, no. 3 (March 2001): 120.

In this chapter, we examine a number of ethical issues related to information technology.
  • Intellectual Property
    Napster, MP3 music, electronic books, copyright violations, software piracy
  • Privacy
    personal data collection, cookies, anonymous surfing, employee monitoring
  • Censorship
    Internet filters, examine Calvin's policy
  • CyberSin
    Vices on the net
  • Distance Education
    Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
  • Stewardship
    When to buy a new, faster computer
  • Online Voting
    What are the opportunities and threats that result from incorporating information technology with voting and other election tasks?
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