What might we conclude from the Bible's treatment of technology?
2. Technology is part of human cultural activity

Second, technology is a part of human cultural activity, formed from the earth's resources and from human design; as such, it suffers the effects of humanity's fall into sin. Along with all creation, technology groans from the pain of sin and waits eagerly to be liberated from its bondage of decay (Rom. 8:19–21).

Sin cannot be neatly separated out of our technology, just as we cannot separate it out of ourselves. The Reformed tradition of Christianity speaks of this complete immersion in and staining by sin as total depravity.

Because of this corruption of the human heart, sin is operative in every human use of technology. When humans use technology, there is always the possibility that they will abuse it for evil purposes.

At the same time, the Reformed tradition of Christianity is equally emphatic about stating that there is no aspect of Creation beyond the scope of God's redeeming grace. Therefore, God uses human creativity in the production and use of information technology to further the kingdom of God. Your work with information technology is kingdom work!

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