When pair programming has been used, a copy of the submitted files should be available to both members of the team. This tutorial explains how to send a copy of the files in the UNIX lab.

Sending a copy of files in UNIX

You will use simple UNIX commands to zip up your files electronically, and then e-mail them to your partner. Each time you work in a pair, follow this technique so that both members of the team have access to all of the code created. Start by moving to your cs108 directory by using cd to go to the cs108 directory created for this course:
unix-% cd ~/cs108

Now use the zip command to create a zipped version of all of the files in the appropriate lab or homework directory:

unix-% zip -r lab01.zip lab01

You will replace "lab01" with the appropriate name of the lab or homework you created as a team. This creates a zip file named lab01.zip in your cs108 directory which can now be added as an attachment in an e-mail to your partner.

When your partner receives the zip file, they should save the attachment in their cs108 directory. After using cd to change into their cs108 directory they can now unzip the file using:

unix-% unzip lab01.zip 

Unzipping will result in a lab01 directory containing a copy of all of the team's files in the partner's cs108 directory.