This chapter re-introduces Processing in the context of Java graphical interfaces. This material is probably best understood in the context of a full graphical user interface, which doesn't work well when distilled down to small exercises. Thus, we suggest that after you've worked through the examples in the text and the lectures, start work on the lab, which largely mirrors the structure of the text.

11.2. Java GUIs

This chapter is probably best understood by working through the examples by hand. Pay particular attention to the use of inner classes in Section 11.2.6, that will be of more use than the single actionPerformed() approach presented in Section 11.2.4.

11.3. Java and Processing

After reading through this section, try grabbing one of your old Processing applications, say one of the scribbler applications from lab 4, and integrating it into a Java GUI as shown in the chapter.

11.4. Multiple-Class Processing Applications

Work through the examples in the text and the video lecture on this and then we’ll apply them in the lab exercises.

11.5 - 11.6

Just skim these sections.