Your instructor may assign one or more of the following problems. Don’t feel that you must do all the problems; for the homeworks, you are only required to do those that are explicitly assigned.

  1. Create a personal logo or poster that includes geometric shapes, images, fonts and/or colors. Here are a few examples.

  2. Create a card for a holiday. Your card should include geometric shapes, images, fonts and/or colors.

  3. Create an invitation or notice for an event. It could be an invitation for a birthday party, or a visually appealing sign up sheet for a department picnic, etc. Be creative! Your solution should include geometric elements (e.g., an ellipse, rectangle, triangle, etc), colors (other than black and white), and use at least one font. You can add images as desired.

If you need inspiration, here are some examples of student work from the past: Hall of Fame.

Checking In

Submit all appropriate files for grading, including code files, screen captures, supplemental files (e.g., image files), and text files. We will grade this exercise according to the following criteria:

If you work in teams for this homework assignment, be sure to submit all team members’ names in the code documentation.