Updates to Hands On Java

The updates below are arranged most-recent-to-least-recent:

Update to Update Description Date
GUI Interlude # 3 In RandomDemo.java:
- Removed import RandomWalker;
- Fixed for loop to conform to algorithm given in the lab exercise
In lab exercise:
- Replaced erroneous "three" with "two" (before construction of RandomGUI
- Inserted missing int in declaration/initialization of xPos
April 8, 2004
Lab 6 Corrected accessor methods to be public instead of private
Clarified OCD step 3.2)
April 7, 2004
GUI Interlude #5 Fixed minor typo: LightGUI.java -> LifeGUI.java May 8, 2003
Lab 10 Exercise Clarified the role of the some of the classes involved
Fixed assorted typos and ambiguities
Apr 10, 2003
Lab 8 Exercise Fixed various typos and clarified ambiguities Mar 24, 2003
Lab 7 Exercise Made class Calculate public
Removed types from operation list
Corrected description of switch syntax
Added throw to list of things that terminate a switch
Added subscript tags for expressions and branches
Mar 10, 2003
Lab 6 Exercise Replaced erroneous n/a with correct n/d
Modified accessor methods to use get nomenclature
Updated explanatory text about accessors (getters)
Fixed ambiguous/erroneous example declarations of Coordinate point
Fixed incorrect description of the consequences of sending a message to a handle whose value is null
Fixed read() method to avoid changing state before an exception is thrown
Mar 3, 2003
Lab 5 Exercise Eliminated erroneous references to Tax.doc Feb 25, 2003
Lab 5 Exercise,
Part 3
Replaced erroneous references to employees with references to items Feb 24, 2003
Homework 4 Corrected erroneous lbs-to-kgs conversion factor Feb 18, 2003
GUI Interlude #3 Added text to create a default RandomGUI constructor
Added omitted instructions to "Drawing Strings"
Revised "Plotting the Points" to make it less confusing
Dec 9, 2002
GUI Interlude #2 Removed erroneous "Java Classes" prefix from the applet's CODE attribute in PigLatinApplet.html
In component list, replaced erroneous TextArea with JTextArea
Revised design so that descPanel uses a 1x2 GridLayout (instead of 2x1), and re-oriented the image, the description, and the JTextAreas accordingly
Revised descLabel to use a JTextArea instead of a JLabel, so that multiple lines and line-wrapping can be used
Added descriptions of JTextAreas's setLineWrap() and setWrapStyleWord() methods
Added a link to the description icon-image
Clarified how to download PigLatinApplet.html
Added encouragement to experiment with the various design parameters (e.g.,layout, size, etc.) to achieve a reasonably pleasing GUI
Added brief description on the use of appletviewer
Clarified procedure for replacing main() with init()
Dec 3-5, 2002
GUI Interlude #1 Moved the addition of System.exit() nearer the beginning of the exercise, instead of the end
Replaced exit(1) with exit(0)
Added missing sample use of parseDouble() method
Dec 3, 2002
Lab 11 exercise Added missing public to declarations of classes BasicAccount, ProtectedAccount, and MinimumAccount
Revised incorrect comments for methods deposit() and withdraw() in class BasicAccount
Fixed bug in MinimumAccount by replacing fee = myPenalty; with fee += myPenalty;
Experiment 1: Revised misleading text that suggested BasicAccount couldn't be both abstract and public
Experiment 3: Added a hint to Part 3 of this experiment
In the description of the CheckingAccount class, replaced erroneous 5% with 7%.
Nov 26, 2002
Lab 10 exercise Replaced erroneous inFile.read() with inStream.read() Nov 19, 2002
Lab 9 exercise Removed erroneous instructions to import user-defined class
Removed erroneous import from Grades.java
Nov 7, 2002
Lab 8 exercise In Method Objects table in section The Exponentiation Operation, replaced erroneous Received movement for the result value with correct Returned movement
In section Getting a Valid Menu Choice, replaced erroneous operator with operation
Nov 5, 2002
Lab 7 exercise In Method Algorithm and Coding 1: Using the if Statement, added a branch return Double.NaN if operator is not one of +, -, *, /. Oct 23, 2002
Lab 6 exercise In Pierre1.java and Pierre2.java, removed extraneous import Fraction;
In Pierre1.java, replaced oldMeasure.Read(theScreen) with oldMeasure.read(theKeyboard)
In Methods as Messages section, replaced two instances of string with String
Added a sentence to indicate that they must import StringTokenizer from java.util
Added public to definition of Coordinate.add()
Added public to definition of Fraction.times()
Added reminder to check assertion when defining Fraction explicit-value constructor
In Input section, fixed incorrect references to Integer.parseInt() in Coordinate read() method, replacing them with Double.parseDouble()
Generalized references to projects
Removed references to Fraction.doc
Oct 15, 2002
Lab 5 exercise Added missing text for LUXURY_RATE
Fixed incorrect formula for luxuryBase
Replaced erroneous reference to totalPay with correct reference to totalCost
Fixed formatting in minimal version of class TaxTotals
In coding step 3b, replaced text requiring declaration of variables outside the loop
Fixed a few other misspellings/typos
Generalized references to projects
Removed references to modules
Removed references to Tax.doc
Oct 8, 2002
Lab 4 exercise Corrected mistake in what Driver.java must import
Added missing Metric to invocation of feetToMeters()
Added mini-explanation of static methods defining messages to classes
Generalized references to projects
Removed references to modules
Removed references to Metric.doc
Oct 3, 2002
The preface page Fixed typo in Sun URL Sept 30, 2002
Lab 3
Exercise 9
Revised erroneous text about uninitialized variables;
revised exercise for declaration of average
Sept 17, 2002
Lab 3
Exercise 5
Replaced incorrect DeMorgan's Law expression (1 > x || x > 100)
with correct expression (!(1 > x || x > 100))
Sept 17, 2002
Lab 1
(SDK Version)
Replaced java Mult.java >> trace
with java Mult | tee -a trace
Sept 10, 2002
ann.easyio.Keyboard Modified peek() and EatWhiteSpace() methods to handle Windows carriage-return linefeed combinations. (Changed argument to mark() from 1 to 2 in each.) Oct 3, 2001

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