Resources for

Java An Introduction to Computing

by Joel Adams, Larry Nyhoff, and Jeff Nyhoff

This site provides access to the following resources for the first edition of Java An Introduction to Computing, published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. This is an introductory computer science text co-authored by faculty from the Department of Computer Science at Calvin College:

Java 2 SDK (1.4) API
Example programs
(SDK 1.4 compliant)
Lab manual
(prepared by Charles Hoot
of Oklahoma City U.)
Snapshots of graphical output PowerPoint Presentations
(prepared by Steven Armstrong
of LeTourneau U.)
Online Study Guide Changes and Corrections
Java 2 API Specification

An Instructor's CD containing the source programs, screen snaps, PowerPoint slides, solutions to all of the exercise sets and most programming problems, and a test bank is available from the publisher for instructors who adopt this text for use in a course.

For information about the Department of Computer Science at Calvin College, contact Joel Adams.