Lab 8: Experiment 5

Reference Parameters

The Issue: If a function alters the value of one of its reference parameters, what affect will that have on the corresponding argument?

Hypothesis: Changing the value of a reference parameter will not affect the value of the corresponding argument.

The Experiment: We can test the hypothesis by making two of the parameters in change() a reference parameter. Such a change must be made in both the prototype:

void change(int & param1, int param2, int & param3);
and in the definition:
void change(int & param1, int param2, int & param3)
  param1 = 1;
  param2 = 2;
  param3 = 3;

Observation: Compile and execute your program.

Question #8.5.1: What is displayed by the program?


Question #8.5.2: Is our hypothesis correct? How do you know? If it's not correct, what should it be?

Don't change your code back until the next experiment.

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