Lab 6: Prelab Questions

Write out your answers for these questions on a separate piece of paper.

Written Questions

Question #1: The if statement is used for ____________ and comes in three forms: ____________, ____________, and ____________.

Question #2: A(n) ____________ is treated by the compiler as a single statement, even though is consists of several statements.

Question #3: In addition to the if statement, C++ also provides the blank statement for the same purpose.

Question #4: The expression in a switch statement must be ____________.

Question #5: Only ____________ tests are allowed for the case clauses of a switch statement.

Programming Exercises

Suppose i and j are both ints set to some values.

Code #1: Write a boolean expression that evaluates to true if and only if i is less than j.

Code #2: Using the boolean expression from the previous question, write an if statement that prints "Too small!" when i is less than j.

Code #3: Adding to the previous question, write a new if statement that also prints "Too big!" when i is not less than j.

Code #4: Adding to the previous question, write yet another new if statement that prints "Just right." (not "Too big!") when i is equal to j.

Code #5: Why can't you turn any of these if statements into switch statements?

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