Lab 12: Prelab Questions

Write out your answers for these questions on a separate piece of paper.

Written Questions

Question #1: An enumeration is a new ____________ in a C++ program.

Question #2: The values of an enumeration are called ____________.

Question #3: Why is an enumeration preferable to a string?

Question #4: A value of an enumeration is similar to a(n) ____________, and so we use the same rules for naming their identifiers.

Question #5: The ____________ increments the variable before returning a value.

Programming Exercises

Code #1: Write an enumeration declaration for Color with enumerators for red, green, and blue.

Code #2: Declare the variable theColor to be of type Color, initialized to represent the color red.

Code #3: Write an expression to increment theColor (assuming the operator has been defined).

Code #4: Write another (different) expression to increment theColor (assuming that this other operator has also been defined).

Code #5: Write an expression to see if theColor stores the enumerator for the color blue.

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