Hands On C++: Project 0

The Projects

Your instructor will assign you one of the problems below. To solve your problem, write a program that outputs the necessary information.

Project #0.1: Write flies.cpp -- a program that produces the following output:
            flies        an
      Time                   arrow ...

      Fruit        like      banana.
            flies        a

Project #0.2: Write recipe.cpp -- a program that produces the following output:
Pop 1 cup of popcorn
Melt 1 stick of butter
Combine popcorn and butter
Salt to taste

Project #0.3: Write direct.cpp -- a program that produces detailed directions to your house, such as:
Take I-96 to U.S. 131
Take 131 3 miles south to Hall St.
Take Hall 1 mile east to Madison Ave.
Take Madison 3 blocks north to Sherman St.
Take Sherman 2 blocks east to 1000 Sherman St.

Project #0.4: Write me.cpp -- a program that produces output describing yourself, such as:
Name:    John Whorfin
Gender:  Male
Year:    Freshman
Phone:   555-9876
Hobbies: Swimming, volleyball and eighth-dimensional physics
Quote:   "Laugh while you can, monkey-boy!"

Turn In

Turn the following things:

  1. This grade sheet.
  2. Your source program.
  3. The output from an execution of your program.

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