Emacs/Xemacs Quick Reference

Emacs notation:

The last notation is important because there's a huge difference between C-x C-s and C-x s.

On some keyboards you can use the Alt key instead of Esc, but you have to hold the Alt while you press k.

Desired Action Command Desired Action Command
invoke emacs emacs FileName quit emacs C-x C-c
suspend emacs C-z resume emacs fg (at UNIX prompt)
quit action C-g undo C-x u
next char (fwd) C-f previous char (back) C-b
next word M-f previous word M-b
beginning of line C-a end of line C-e
next line C-n previous line C-p
next page C-v previous page M-v
first page M-< last page M->
delete right C-d delete left DEL
kill line right C-k paste (yank) C-y
read file into buffer C-x C-f kill buffer C-x k
save all buffers C-x s save as (write) C-x C-w
split screen horiz. C-x 2 split screen vert. C-x 3
combine screens C-x 1 redraw screen C-l
move to other frame C-x o move to buffer C-x b
get list of buffers C-x C-b
global replace string M-x replace-string query replace string M-x %
compile M-x compile move to next error C-x `
invoke debugger M-x gdb quit debugger q
set breakpoint C-x SPC print expression value p Expression
run program r continue program c
next statement n step into function s

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