Hands On C++

An on-line laboratory manual for learning C++

Joel C. Adams and Jeremy D. Frens
Department of Computer Science
Calvin College

Except for Lab 1, each of the exercises in this lab manual are password protected. (Lab 1 is unprotected for examination purposes.)

Since August 1999, this lab manual has been distributed via CD-ROM (ISBN #013-100774-2), with this site being used for updates to the manual. Since that time, Labs 2 and following have been password protected, and the password is given on the lab manual CD. Starting with the third edition, this lab manual is available in both electronic and printed versions.


Each lab consists of three basic parts:

  1. Pre-lab questions. An instructor may assign these to be completed before a closed lab session.
  2. The lab exercise. This is the actual hands-on work. This includes going through some example code and writing some original code. Each lab exercise also asks questions along the way, usually about compiler errors or OCD steps, which students should answer as part of the exercise.
  3. Homework assignments. These projects ask the students to write their own original program using the concepts and principles learned in the lab exercise.

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