Lists of Corrections and Changes
C++: An Introduction to Computing 2e

by Joel Adams, Sanford Leestma, and Larry Nyhoff

Department of Computer Science

Calvin College

This page provides access to lists of corrections and changes for C++ An Introduction to Computing, (2nd Ed., Prentice Hall, 1997) by Joel Adams, Sanford Leestma, and Larry Nyhoff.

We have tried to correct errors with new book printings, but discovered that in early printings, it was also necessary to make other changes due to the changing C++ standard. These changes are also given in the following lists. The most significant ones are in the 3rd and later printings when the C++ standard was finalized.

To determine which printing you have: Look at the descending list of numbers below "Printed in the United States of America" on the page before the preface. The last number in this list is the number of the printing for that book.

We would appreciate your sending us errors as you find them as well as any other comments about the text.

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