Lab 4: Prelab Questions

Written Questions:

About Selection:

Question #1: What are the six basic relational operators? __________________________ They can be used to construct simple logical expressions, but the three logical operators ______________ can combine these into compound logical expressions.

Question #2: In computing, logical expressions are also called ____________ expressions.

Question #3: The ______________ mechanism can be used to terminate execution if a specified condition fails.

Question #4: The if statement is a ____________ structure and comes in three forms: ____________, ____________, and ____________.

Question #5: A sequence of statements will be treated by the compiler as a single statement if the statements are enclosed in __________.

About Repetition:

Question #6: What two kinds of loops are studied in this lab? ___________ and __________ loops.

Question #7: Which of these loops is best for counting? _____________

Question #8: Which of these loops executes repeatedly so long as a boolean expression is true? ______________

Programming Exercises

Suppose i and j are both ints set to some values.

Code #1: Write a boolean expression that evaluates to true if and only if i is less than j.

Code #2: Using the boolean expression from the preceding question, write an if statement that outputs "Too small!" when i is less than j.

Code #3: Modify the if statement of the preceding question so that it also also outputs "Too big!" when i is not less than j.

Code #4: Assuming that a value has been input for j, write a for statement that contains the previous if statement and repeats it for i ranging from 1 to 10.

Code #5: Proceed as in the preceding question, but use a while statement instead of a for statement.

Lab Exercise
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