Lab Exercises


  • Lab 1: Getting Started

  • Lab 2: Types

  • Lab 3: Operations and Expressions

  • Lab 4: Selection and Repetition

  • Lab 5: Functions and Libraries

  • Lab 6: Using Classes

  • Lab 7: More Control Structures

  • Lab 8: Parameter Passing and Scope

  • Lab 9: Files and Streams

  • Lab 10: Vectors

  • Lab 11: Multidimensional Arrays and Vectors

  • Lab 12: Building Classes

  • *Lab 13: The list Class Template

  • *Lab 14: Stacks and Queues

    Each lab exercise consists of three basic parts:

    1. Notes to the instructor.
    2. Pre-lab questions. An instructor may assign these to be completed before a lab session.

    3. The lab exercise. This is the actual hands-on work. It typically includes going through some example code and writing some original code. Each lab exercise also includes questions that students should answer.

    4. Homework assignments. These are possible projects along with those at the ends of the chapters in the textbook from which the instructor may choose for programming projects.


      * Labs 1-12 have all been used by the author in his classes. Labs 13 and 14 are modificaions of lab exercises from another C++ text co-authored by Joel Adams and myself, both of Calvin College.

      Credit: These lab exercises are modifications of those prepared by Jeremy Frens, a former colleague at Calvin College, in Lab Manual to Accompany C++: An Introduction to Computing, Third Edition by Joel Adams and Larry Nyhoff and are used with permission from Pearson Prentice Hall.

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