Programming in C++ for Engineering and Science
Larry Nyhoff of Calvin College

ISBN: 9781439825341
CRC Press, 6000 Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite 300, Boca Raton, FL 33487 USA

This site provides access to resources for Programming in C++ for Engineering and Science, an introductory computer programming text intended for students in engineering and the sciences. It grew out of the author's many years of teaching and developing materials such a course at Calvin College and his co-authoring of several introductory programming texts.

The following supplementary items are available online.

Web site Items: These are items referred to in the text as being available at this website along with links to a variety of other related items.
Source code for example programs in the text
Changes and Corrections
Lab Exercises: Most of these have been use by the author in his classes.
PowerPoint Presentations: A set of PowerPoint slides (covering the first 14 chapters) used by the author in an introductory C++ programming course for engineering and science students. Also available are "semi-notes" the author provided to the students; these consist of copies of the PowerPoint slides with some items omitted (e.g., definitions, examples, code segments, etc.). Students have appreciated these because they can concentrate on the material presented in class and don't have to take notes at a frantic pace. On the other hand, the gaps in these semi-notes require that they stay awake!