PowerPoint Slides

Original PowerPoint Slides

Professor Adair Dingle of Seattle University.undertook the time-consuming task of converting my transparency masters into a set of PowerPoint Slides and adding new slides for the material they didn't cover.   After many hours of work, a complete set was finished.  Needless to say, time permitted preparing mostly text-oriented slides.

Revised PowerPoint Slides & Student Semi-Notes

I regularly teach our CS-2 course "Introduction to Data Structures." The first time I used Professor Dingle's slides, I tried to enhance them with formatting, use of color, animation, etc.  I also prepared a set of student "seminotes" coordinated with the slides.  These are basically duplicates of the slides but with certain items left out for the students to fill in during class presentations.

Of course, each time through the course, one finds things to correct, add, change, delete, ... so the slides and seminotes change from one semester to the next. Here is the MOST RECENT REVISION of the slides and seminotes (Spring-2002) I don't get to the other material the text covers -- e.g., graphs -- in our course, so I haven't prepared my own PP slides for it. The slides by Prof. Dingle described at the top of this page do provide complete coverage, however.

When you find errors in these or you have changes to suggest, feel free to contact me. Do the same if you have developed course materials based on this text that you would like to share with the rest of us users.

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