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Digital Art Program

Some students at Calvin have interests in a program of study that combines their artistic interests with their interests also in computers and digital media. Such programs can prepare students for careers in interactive media, such as computer/video games, or digital performance art. One example of such a program of study — an Interdisciplinary Major in Art and Computer Science — appears below.

Interdisciplinary Major in Art and Computer Science

Any student at Calvin College has the option of designing their own interdisciplinary major; this major must be approved by the departments from which you draw your courses. Since different people have different interests, the Computer Science and Art Departments worked together to create two possible ways to construct an interdisciplinary major in Art and Computer Science. Other colleges might call this major program “Digital Art”, “Digital Imaging”, or “Digital Media”.

Both tracks have a common kernel of courses that you must take:

  • Art 153 (Visual Culture, core)
  • Art Studio 250 (Intro to Drawing)
  • Art Studio 255 (Communication Design I)
  • Art Studio 305 (Communication Design II)
  • Art Studio 355 (Communication Design III)
  • Art History 240 (Contemporary Art, core)
  • Computer Science 108 (Intro to Computing)
  • Computer Science 384 (Perspectives on Computing, core)
  • Information Systems 141 (Computing with Databases)
  • Information Systems 151 (Computing Presentations)
  • Information Systems 153 (Computing with the Internet)
  • Information Systems 337 (Website Administration)
  • Information Systems 341 (Database Administration)

Then pick your emphasis:

Computer Graphics Emphasis Multimedia Emphasis
  • Computer Science 112 (Data Structures with C++)
  • Computer Science 212 (Algorithms and Data Structures)
  • Computer Science 352 (Computer Graphics)
  • An approved interim
  • Mathematics 156 (Discrete Mathematics for CS)
  • Mathematics 256 (Discrete Structures and Linear Algebra)
  • Art Studio 256 (Intro to Photography)
  • Art Studio 316 (Digital Photography)
  • Art Studio 300 (Intermediate Drawing)
  • Information Systems 271 (Intro to IS)
  • CAS 190 (Video Production I)
  • CAS 250 (TV Studio Production)

In addition to the courses in your particular emphasis, you are encouraged to take courses from the other emphasis. You are free to swap alternative courses for those listed above; however, student programs that deviate from the course sequences above require advisor and departmental approval.

By contrast, the course sequences described above have already been approved by both the CS and Art departments, so a student program consisting of those sequences requires no special action beyond the approval of your advisor.