In this lab, you’ll continue work on Android and meet with your team, experimenting with pair programming and sprint retrospectives and planning sessions.

Managing the Android Activity Lifecycle

Work one a (proper) pair programming team for this exercise.

Exercise 4.1

Build a new Android application as specified in this tutorial.

Managing the Activity Lifecycle

Note the following as you work through this tutorial.

Run the application and collect a screen capture. Also, save your application code because you’ll modify it and submit it as part of homework 1.

Project Retrospective and Planning with your Team

Following each sprint, we will reflect on the previous sprint and plan for the next.

Running a Sprint Retrospective

Both the team members and their reviewers will meet together for a standup retrospective.

Exercise 4.2

Meet with your project reviewers and with us to discuss your deliverables for the previous sprint.

Planning the Next Sprint

We will meet with the team members to start planning for the next sprint.

Exercise 4.3

Meet with your team members to set the tasks for the next sprint. Include both administrative tasks, as specified in the deliverable specification, and implementation tasks, specified as user stories.

Checking In